The 10 Healthiest Fast Food Orders You Can Get at Every Chain

The 10 Healthiest Fast Food Orders You Can Get at Every Chain

Need a quick bite to eat? Many fast food chains have upped their nutrition game in recent years, making good-for-you choices easy. By introducing more veggie-filled meals like salads and bowls, these restaurants have expanded beyond the typical cheeseburger-and-fries fare. From steak to sandwiches, we asked our resident nutritionist, Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN, to give us guidance on how to order.

In general, load up on as many vegetables as possible, whether it’s extra peppers on your pizza, mushrooms on your burger, or salsa in your burrito bowl. Ask for apple slices or a side salad with your meal instead of the usual add-ons. Brush up on each chain’s ordering hacks to lighten up your dish even further. For example, request to make your Taco Bell order “fresco” and you’ll nix the calorie-laden dressings, cheese, and sour cream, or go straight to its health-conscious Power Menu. Denny’s dubs its best choices Fit-Fare, Papa John’s calls them Lighter Choices, Dunkin’ uses DDSMART, and so on. Getting the low-down on the best menu items before you step up to the register could help you avoid the extra calories, fat, and sodium found in other choices. The next time you’re on the road or only have five minutes for lunch, go ahead and order with confidence. These breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices all get the thumbs up from a registered dietitian.

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