How did Kelly lose weight?

How did Kelly lose weight?

Since lectins are in everything, they’re also in processed foods. If you were to take anything away from the idea of going lectin-free, avoiding the lectins in the form of corn syrup, for example, would help you both lose weight and decrease chronic inflammation — but only if you were overindulging in corn syrup-containing foods to begin with.

Eating less butter and cream, which contain high amounts of saturated fat, and other processed grain and bean products, which may contain high amounts of sodium, would also help you lose weight. Added sugar, sodium, and saturated fat are all over-consumed in the American diet, according to the USDA.

TBH I just skimmed all of that. What’s the bottom line?
Any diet that limits veggies, fruit, vegetable oils, and 100% whole grains, is worth questioning. To date, there’s no data supporting the idea that consuming lectin-containing foods will harm you or promote weight gain. In fact, eating more plant-based foods and has way more research behind it in terms of weight loss.

But will going lectin-free actually hurt you? Unlikely, unless you dramatically cut back on fiber as a result of the restrictions on fruits and vegetables.

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